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Bye bye ambassador 15 2, 6:23pm

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' Thou keep talking about mad, art thou forgetting that if weapons of mass description keeps spreading, sooner or later they will fall into the hands of someone that have nothing to lose. The principle behind mutually assured destruction is that all actors are rational.
Another principle is that the statues que is bearable, that no power with nuclear capacities ever gets desperate. Only a great power can carry that responsibility and there is a limited number of possible great powers in the world.
Back under the height of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, where they commanded all land between the Baltic and the black sea, but as thou know from history they were screeched from both sides until there were nothing left. There is no room for a great power between Germany and Russia. I think Poland will become a buffer state, because it will have an advantage of being neutral, and it is in the great powers interest to have buffer states between them to alleviate tension.

[Let's wait out the merge of WTO and IPCC first and then see.]
I know how empires work. I am a student of history. I don’t think thou know what centralization means. Power is never created nor destroyed, it is only transferred, the more power the central body have the less power is retained locally.
Thou claim thou want democracy, but only for as long as people vote as thou want. Why not just stop being a hypocrite and admit that what thou really want is a dictatorship on thy terms.
And why is it so impossible for thee to imagine a scenario in which thou art in a position of weakness, that someone brutal and foreign imposes their will on thee?
If thou don’t accept the principle of civility, like the non-aggression principle, thou hast legitimized that thy enemy uses it against thee, the moment they gain power.