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Bye bye ambassador 16 2, 4:29am

[Thou keep talking about mad, art thou forgetting that if weapons of mass description keeps spreading, sooner or later they will fall into the hands of someone that have nothing to lose.]

That would be one of the results of Russia's conflict escalation and NATO's disintegration.

Russia is not the only one to have valid security concerns.
Estonia for example does not have year-round ice free ports, because occasionally the Baltic Sea ices over. Estonia also needs a wider security zone to protect its border town Narva which has been levelled to the ground by Russia several times in the history. That is why Estonia has legitimate reasons to create a buffer zone between Narva and Vladivostok. And Vladivostok would become the backup ice-free port for Estonia.

[Only a great power can carry that responsibility and there is a limited number of possible great powers in the world.]
Times change. MAD gets cheaper.
Pretty soon even Georgia will have some MAD capabilities.
Unless there is a united NATO providing united security services.

[There is no room for a great power between Germany and Russia.]
Well, in that case either one or both Russia and Germany need to be disintegrated.

[Thou claim thou want democracy, but only for as long as people vote as thou want. Why not just stop being a hypocrite and admit that what thou really want is a dictatorship on thy terms.]
WTO is more democratic than the Eurasian Union that Russia "leads". But a hypocrite such as you can't admit that, can you?