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Bye bye ambassador 16 2, 7:12am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' I never voted for any WTO executives. I don't think the USA is particularly democratic, but people still formally choose their leaders. WTO and other international organisation consist of unelected bureaucrats that thinks they know better then us "little people".

Now if this discussion ever were legitimate thy notion that Estonia should take Vladivostok, The main Pacific's port of Russia, is so dumb that not even thou can be serious.
I have said it multiple times that Estonia is not in any position to become a great power simply due to geography. And a great power is a nation that are able to maintain an independent strategic defence policy.

Russia is not escalating conflicts, quite the opposite in fact, but I understand why thou will think that will all the war propaganda coming out of Washington, it is obvious that Trump have nowhere near any control over the neocons there yet, but it is America and their European puppets that are the aggressors.
I admit that Denmark is a puppet-state the entire European Union was created for the very purpose of making American control easier, it was never meant to serve the European people.
Estonia used to belong to Russia, (before that it was Sweden) and now it belongs to America.
In the post dollar world it will properly fall back under Russian control.

[Well, in that case either one or both Russia and Germany need to be disintegrated.]
States wont disintegrate just because thou want them too, and nationstates are remarkable resilient, even if the entire state aperatus is destroyed like what happened in Germany, a new state will just rise from the ashes around the nation.
Look at Poland, it too lost its state but the nation remained. Russia too is a nation, it already lost its empire but it is rising, whether thou want to admit it or not.

And that is the key to all of this. Accepting the world for what it is, rather then clinging to false ideals