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Bye bye ambassador 19 2, 8:50am

@SeanR, Russia has invested heavily in media for instance in RT or Russia today which throw up lies here and there.

Few year ago RT covered so called ''Children kiddnapping by goverment in Norway'' they covered riots over it, without really digging into the story, like child abuse etc and how Norway's child policies is, another thing is that the other side couldnt say anyting, cuz if the goverment says way a children was taken away from there parent, if include for example child abuse would destroy parents life. this was ofc to sway the public belive to the goverment.

Norways bigger political party (labor party) got hacked by AP29 linked to Russia.
So why did they do it?

well, former Labor party leader (Jens Stoltenberg) is todays Secretery of General, as he was against Nato in the beginning, and was more toward diplomacy with Russia, as he made a deal with Russia over where the border should be, as he was picked as Secretery of General in Nato, he may have switched a substantial amouth of the voter to more Nato friendly. and as a anti Nato (Green centralist party) on the raise, its the right time for Russia to bust up an anti Nato party popularity by hacking the biggest and closest and party by simular policies. which may lead that Norway exit Nato and more softer on Russia.

Iam sorry for my English, and this might be a bit hard to understand.