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Living Hell 24 2, 7:41pm


Can you read? Because I clearly wrote that "all Norwegian parties have adapted to your far-right Fremskrittspartiets anti-Muslim scaremongering rhetoric".

Breivik was an enthusiastic member of Fremskrittspartiet until he thought they became too soft on Muslims. Then he started supporting our Swedish Sverigedemokraterna instead and murdered 77 people - most of them kids - who he somehow held responsible for the "islamification" of Norway and Europe.

Maybe you too think Fremskrittspartiet is too soft on Muslims since you don't believe they are anti-Muslim but you only have to google "Fremskrittspartiet Muslimer" and the hits keep coming. Here are just a few examples:

That last link is to a Swedish far-right hate site who approvingly quotes Frp:s spokesperson on immigration issues.

Regarding that link you posted - they brought at camera crew to an immigrant suburb clearly intent on doing a smear-piece about immigrants. Some young men got pissed and reacted like idiots while all other immigrants around these few young men either ignored the incident or tried to stop the young men.
There is absolutely NOTHING in that video to prove the claim that there are no-go zones in Sweden. As I said - I've lived in one of those for 15 years and never even once seen, heard or been subjected to anything like that.
Turns out if you don't shove a camera in peoples faces, clearly there to do a smear-piece about how all they are all shit, people are less offended by you and leave you alone.