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Living Hell 24 2, 8:04pm


No one is claiming that there aren't incidents of violence in Sweden like everywhere else in the world.
But there clearly aren't any "no-go zones" as the far-right keep claiming - that's just completely made up bullshit.

What correlation? Between violence and immigration?
No, that's actually made up as well.
The correlation is between poverty and violence and immigrants tends to be poorer and live clustered in poorer areas where there are more crime and violence being committed.
But white Swedes living in those same areas are just a likely to commit violence or crime as their immigrant neighbours.
It's not a question about ethnicity but of social class.
Any criminologist will tell you this. You know - people who are actually experts in studying crime and dealing with facts as opposed to the far-righters who's only goal is to spread racism against immigrants,

Anecdotal evidence is one incident of something - not 15 consecutive years of experience of living in an area claimed to be one of these "no-go zones" and not experiencing any problems at all.
And I'm not alone - there are many tens of thousands of people just like me that live or have up until recently lived in these so called "no-go zones" that don't recognize the way the areas are being described by people who almost never have lived in those same areas themselves.

Are you even from Sweden?
Have you any experience what so ever of Sweden?
Have you even visited once? Or is you beliefs just based on what far-right propagandist say about Sweden online?