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Living Hell 24 2, 10:26pm

@Nisse_Hult What I ment to say was No, all Norwegian political parties do not hold far-right ideologies. Fremskrittspartiet is the furthest right you will find at our parlament and they have major counter prats that is also not extreme. Fremskrittspartiet do not hold any strong radical political points and align well with society today. We do however have one representative from a far-left party on our parlament. And it's split pretty much 50/50 general left and general right.

First of I'm not anti-muslim, I could not give less of a fuck. I've never said it here or expressed anything remotely pointing in that direction, but yet you assume to know what I think. I base myself of facts and actions something you apparently can't.

I was an exchange student back in 2010 where I lived for a year with a muslim family. So tell me again how much anti-muslim I am?

Yes some people who hate muslims associate with Fremskrittspartiet. The leader of BLM said to literally kill all white people. 40% of muslims literally. The leader of far-left communist party said he wanted to see capitalists who didn't hand over their land to the government hung by light poles. Also while we're at it 90%+ of muslims worldwide see homosexuality as morally wrong.

And regarding the clip, they were in a walking market and conducted reporting, they didn't film them directly or even in the background until they attacked them. If you are provoked by someone being a public place with a camera there is a problem whether you like it or not.

Oh look at this Norwegian news clip, seems like a fine an balanced country.
(For others who want to watch it's with subs if you click the CC icon on YouTube)