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Living Hell 26 2, 4:55am


Ok, let's get this straight:

The "they" who "tried" to hold the gay pride parade in an immigrant populated area of Stockholm is a group of members of Sverigedemokraterna (SD) - our far-right neo-fascist party.
Up until a few years ago their official line was firmly against HBQT-rights and the party has a long history of anti-gay hate rhetoric.

They claim they have changed now and just LOVE the gay community, but low level party officials are time and time again caught making homophobic remarks.
The HBQT-community of Sweden don't trust SD one bit on these issues and SD is not invited to the official Gay Pride parade in Stockholm as it's felt they're only now trying to present themselves as gay-friendly to attack Muslim immigrants - after having spent years attacking the HBQT-community.

Also - one of the reasons people are being afforded asylum in Sweden is based on them being discriminated against because of their sexuality in their home countries so quite a few people in the HBQT-community in Sweden are actually also immigrants and some of them Muslim. Which is another reason the HBQT-community in Sweden don't like SD one bit. SD may now officially say they don't dislike their members because they're gay - they just dislike their members who are immigrant because they're immigrants.
Understandably the HBQT-community doesn't think that makes SD any better.

Like the HBQT-community as a whole, the large Gay Pride parade in Stockholm has never been bothered by any Muslims immigrants but they have on many occasions throughout the years been so by far-right activist trying to attack them or incite violence.

Disappointed by this lack of interest amongst Muslim immigrants to play the role SD want to cast them in, and to portray themselves as the champions of gay right, some SD members decided to organise a separate "Gay Pride" parade, and hold it in an actual immigrant suburb in the hopes of creating conflict.

You say "tried" but in fact that parade has been going on for some years now. A few sad SD members do their best to act as "gay" as they can (what they think is gay anyway), waiving dildos in the air and such in the hopes of being provocative enough to attract any attention but the locals just ignore them.

The only "big deal" about it has been that there where almost more reporters then people joining the protest the first year and last year they invited far-right icon Milo Yiannopoulos to the event.
In the end he never showed up - citing security concerns - but the event has never lead to any conflict at all, so that's clearly bullshit.
More likely he didn't think it was worth his time to travel to Sweden for a "parade" with just a few dozen people.

Since then of course Milo Yiannopoulos has been exposed as a proponent for phedophilia, so I guess he won't be welcomed back this year. If they keep having them - they're clearly not getting the violent reaction they hoped for.

So that's the truth about that.

Can't really give you any sources on this in English since the event is such a small deal, but here's a statement in Swedish from the official HBQT-movement and Gay Pride parade on why they don't in any way want to be associated with SD:s alternative one, citing many of the things I've mentioned above:

The thing you claim to have heard from an immigrant is of course wrong and no one in condoning that. The claim by you that "they can say that about gay's" is however completely untrue - Swedish law applies to anyone in Sweden of course.
Immigrants are not in any way allowed to engage in homophobic hate speech any more then people born in Sweden are - if they do they break the law like everyone else they will be prosecuted for it.
Too bad there wasn't a policeman around to hear the person saying what he did to you - that's all.

What areas you as a gay man chose to avoid or not in Sweden I can't really say much about. Your fear of being subjected to abuse isn't really relevant as studies show a lot of peoples fears are not really motivated by actual threats.

Old people are for instance the most likely to feel fear in their neighbourhoods - but their not at all likely to actually be subjected to crimes in their neighbourhoods.

The organisations that represent the HBQT-community in Sweden are more concerned by SD and other far-right groups then they are by immigrants, since that's actually where they see the largest threats to their members come from.

Of course there are individual immigrants that are homophobes just like there are Swedes who are - but the HBQT-community don't at all feel threatened by immigrants as a group, no matter who much SD is screaming they really, really should.

Lastly - about Jews running away from Malmö.

They're actually not.

Some may have moved out and there is a lot of far-right claims about how all Jews in Malmö lives in constant fear, but the fact of the matter is that it's of course not that bad - then all Jews would actually move.

Now again, this is not something that is in any way tolerated by any party in Sweden or Swedish law. Anti-semitic hate speech is just as illegal as homophobic hate speech and anyone regardless of background engaging in it will be prosecuted in accordance with the law if the authorities catch them.

Again, SD is trying to play the role of champion for the Jewish community, but again they're having some obvious problems with that.

Because SD was started by neo-Nazis in the 80's and they spent as much time hating Jews as they did hating gay's for the first decade and more of it's existence.

Like with gays the party now claim to LOVE the Jewish community, but like with homophobia low level party official keep getting caught spreading anti-semitic sentiment.
In the case of antiseminitsm it's actually worse, since the ones spreading those sentiments aren't just low level party officials but several of their members of parliament.

For instance one said you can't be a Jew and Swede at the same time - you have to chose your allegiance - and another was caught on video laughing his ass off drunkedly reciting a"joke" some previous neo-Nazi work mates of his made in a slaughterhouse where they kicked the dead carcasses of sheep and called them "Jews" while doing the Nazi-salute. None of these persons have been kicked out by the party for these comments.

So yet again, the Jewish community in Sweden wants nothing to do with SD and don't trust them one bit.

So in conclusion:

Are there immigrants that harbour homophobic and/or anti-semitic sentiments? - No doubt - just like there are Swedish born people who do. A lot of those seem to end up in the SD party, funny enough.
Are they allowed to spread those? - No, of course not, it's just as illegal if they engage in hate speech as if a person born in Sweden does it.
Is the SD-party a champion for the HBQT- and Jewish communities? - Not according to those communities that don't want anything to do with SD, who historically has spread hate against them both just as they're now spreading hate against Muslim immigrants.