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Living Hell 26 2, 7:21am


Yes, the lesson here is that all countries do.
Those complaining about immigrants in South Africa or Sweden do so because they think they're some how better then the immigrants but if they were to immigrate somewhere else they'd soon learn there are people in every other country that would think the same of them.

And they are all just assholes as you say - because their opinions are based on nothing else then prejudice. The completely unproven belief that they are somehow magically better just because they happened to be born in the country in question.

When in fact anyone who's actually bothered to interact with different people soon realises there are good and bad people everywhere and you can't know anything certain from an individual based on which group he/she comes from.

There are plenty of immigrants in Sweden who work harder and do more for the Swedish society then Swedes born here who still think they're somehow magically better then all immigrants.

No, the only honest way to judge any person is to do it solely based on what that individual actually does. And to be able to see that you have to give people a chance to prove themselves.