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Living Hell 26 2, 11:54am

@Nisse_Hult your ignorance amazes me, there was a counter gay parade for your information in that area and one of the marchers was attacked by muslim youth.

My boyfriend's parents are muslim, I want him to one day be able to come out to them.

I don't support SD btw, I aupport Moderaterna and Liberalerna, NOT KD THOUGH-I believe in strict seperation of church and atate so can't support a religious-affiliated party.

Oh and as for migrants escaping homophobia, a gay Swedish man was killed by a Moreocan refugee and a gay refugee had to flee his shelter in Sweden after other refugees attacked him.

Many anti-gay attacks done BY REFUGEES against gay redugees have been recorded across Europe, the attacking tefugees keep their benefits and stay while their victims are punished with isolation, relocation and sometimes loss of support.

They come from cultures where people like me are spat on and yet you are stupid enough to believe they arrive here and change by magic