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Living Hell 26 2, 1:49pm

So you are saying you aren't doing something for the sake of seeming like a good person, and so you accept that being accepting and tolerant is a good/positive thing (at least in the case of Islam, a religion about as benign as any other Abrahamic faith). And so your condemnation of all Muslims, by your own words, is a bad thing. And therefore, you accept that you're being a jerk (for want of a stronger, yet not profane, term).

So, why are you being a jerk? Also, what are the friggin' "trojan Horse" tactics? 'Let us come to your country, go to work, follow the laws, raise kids, contribute to charity, contribute to the economy until you stop paying attention so we can deviously pray and wear headscarves in peace'? Or do you mean to tell me the CEO of Coca-cola and Dave Chappelle are collaborating to destroy America?

America wearing England's shirt