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Living Hell 26 2, 11:54pm


1). I notice you can't provide a source for your claim so we can obviously disregard any mention of that claim then.
Since it's always the responsibility of the one making a claim to PROVE that claim.

2). A conspiracy theory about how Swedens HBQT-community "dosen't give a f*ck about" it's own members - again without any proof what so ever - is not a credible argument.

The HBQT-community, just as the Jewish community, have faced years of persecution and they know full well they need to respond to any threaths to their community becuase a threath to one of their members is a threath to all of them.

What you're claiming is simply not credible - they would have noting to gain and everything to loose by not reacting to every threat their communities face.

And once again - you still can't PROVE any of this anyway - it's just stuff you belive and your beliefs prove nothing.