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Living Hell 27 2, 3:38am

@quazimojojojo No, I'm not doing something to seem like a good person. Taking a snake out of the cold and into your house makes you seem like a good person but the snake will bite you anyway because it's a snake.

Muslims have always always aspired to take over Europe. We met their advances with military force in the old days and now we just open our gates for them. And now the Muslims we let in are rioting murdering raping and pushing for Sharia law. We can't tell which ones are violent and which ones aren't. That's what makes it a trojan horse.

I'm a Christian but I don't mind other religions. The choice to take the path to God is everyone's choice, who am I to make it for them? But I draw the line at Islam. Its teachings are just too barbaric and cruel to exist in a modern world.