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Living Hell 27 2, 5:48am

@Nisse_Hult study in the UK showed only 15% of British muslims think homosexuality should be legal, only 35% of French muslims find homosexuality acceptable, most muslims in the USA held also the same views, only 32% of young Canadian muslims thought they could accept a gay muslim.

Yet somehow you want me to believe Swedish muslims are somehow different.

As for the proof you demand I am still looking through my Facebook as I had posted that link long ago, it's just not that easy to look something so old.

As for the LGBT community in Sweden not giving a crap, it's 100% true!
I grew up in poverty and social housing, these human rights movements never cared about the low income classes, they don't reach out to us, they ignore us.

Excessive political correctness and them not giving a flying f*ck about people who are not born into privilege leads them double ignore young gay muslims who grow up in those places.

It's easy for you to dismiss these things since you're not gay and don't have to live in those areas.
But I care for all my gay brothers and sisters and don't turn a blind eye just so idiots like you can feel happy about themselves.

Oh and btw, if Jews are not scared of Malmö tell me why they are leaving, the Jewish population in Malmö has shrunk 5% every year, a Holocaust survivor said in an interview that she does not feel safe in Malmö, people stoped inviting her to schools after muslims students would yell that she's a lier and they'd walk out of class.

But I guess me and my connections to gay muslims or a holocaust survivor are wrong, Sweden is perfectly fine and nothing changed for the worst due to islam at all