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Living Hell 27 2, 6:11am


You're grasping at straws and it's not ever clear what your trying to prove now?
How does this in any way connect to your racist beliefs about Muslims?

Are you saying criminals must be Muslims and only Muslim criminals can use grenades?
Or that only Muslims criminals would want to use grenades?

As I've noted before criminals always fight amongst one another - that's nothing remarkable. They are violent people who use violence to reach their goals and they will use what ever weapons they can get their hands on to do that.
So how those this in any way connect to Islam?

It's not even clear how many of these criminals are Muslim and any who are is most likely not especially religious anyway - few if any criminals are especially religious.
Just like the majority of criminals in Sweden or Estonia who are clearly Christian since that's the major religion in both countries they're not really representative of either that religion or that country - since they are criminals.

And you seem to be confused about the very weapon we're talking about as well, when you cite "old grenades" from "WW war fronts".
Do you really believe criminals in 2017 would carry around old rusted artillery shells they dug up from the ground and throw them at each another? Those weapons are useless now - they might either not explode at all or explode when they handle them themselves and blow them up.

No, "grenades" being used by criminals today are modern hand grenades that probably come from the Balkans or Russia. I'm no expert but it's sure as hell not some old shells from any world wars they've dug up.

And no one needs any experience to handle a hand grenade - it's so simple a child could do it - just pull the pin and throw.

I guess you can't read Swedish, but in this article:

a Swedish journalist that's written a book about the violence in Malmö says this about it:

"In the 1990's criminal motorcycle gangs established themselves here during the recession and high uneployment. The inflow of weapons increased and more criminals were carrying weapons. In the 2000's we then saw the escalation of violence between criminals. Instead of fighting with their fists they started shooting at each other."

A senior police officer adds that:

"Already as far back as in the 1890's Malmö was the most crime ridden city in Sweden. It was a poor harbour town going through a fast industrialisation and a lot of different types of crimes occurred here then. This is a legacy that lives on still to this day".

As I've already said - I'm no expert in crime, but I remember when the criminal motorcycle gangs came to Sweden in the 90's. They spread here from Denmark and got their first foothold in Malmö, which of course is only two hours from Copenhagen - a city of 2 million inhabitants.

They brought with them much more use of violence as that's how they operate. They want people to fear them, so they can collect money from people by just scaring them with their reputation.

Different gangs also went to war over who would control what part of the criminal world in Sweden and they, amongst other weapons, used grenades - which we hadn't seen in Sweden before - against each other.

But this was years before we had the large Muslim immigration we've had since and these criminals where mostly Swedish born.

I don't know exactly how the make up of the criminal community looks today, but it's still really unclear how you hope to blame Muslims for criminals using violence against other criminals?
Even if a criminal happen to be Muslim he's not using violence against another criminal because he's Muslim, but because he's a criminal. Because that's what criminals do.