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Living Hell 27 2, 7:34am


"study in the UK showed only 15% of British muslims think homosexuality should be legal, only 35% of French muslims find homosexuality acceptable, most muslims in the USA held also the same views, only 32% of young Canadian muslims thought they could accept a gay muslim.

Yet somehow you want me to believe Swedish muslims are somehow different."

Even though I haven't seen any study done on this in Sweden, if you did one it might well show a lot of Muslims harbour prejudices against people in the HBQT-community.
So what? A lot of people born in Sweden has these sentiments too unfortunetly.
But people are allowed to think what ever they want - that's not illegal.

The only things that's illegal is if they act on these opinions in an illegal way.
Engaging in hate speech, discriminating or in any way attack others. If they do that they break the law and have to face the consequences. As long as they don't they get to keep their prejudiced beliefs for themselves - just as you do, with your prejudiced beliefs against Muslims.

"I grew up in poverty and social housing, these human rights movements never cared about the low income classes, they don't reach out to us, they ignore us."

Your experience growing up in another country isn't really proof of how you believe the Swedish HBQT-community doesn't give a shit about all it's members - now is it?

"It's easy for you to dismiss these things since you're not gay and don't have to live in those areas."

You know nothing about me - I might be gayer then Judy Garland for all you know, so don't pretend you do.
And you have no idea of where I live either, so don't pretend you do.

In fact, the truth is - since you brought it up - that I actually lived in one of those so called "no-go zones" for 15 years up until 2 years ago and absolutely nothing the far-right claim about those places is even remotely true.
Swedes are not being harassed there for being Swedes, there is no sharia law being enforced and what ever else you've heard - it's just all complete bullshit.

There was a flamboyant older Swedish man living in that area by the way. I don't know if he was gay or maybe trans or a crossdresser, but he used to dress up in rather feminine clothing and he walked around openly in that, so he was obviously not too bothered about the area.
I never saw or heard anyone making a fuss over that but I know people looked - as they do when they see something that's unusual.

I also know another man living in that area that I know is gay and he's never mentioned being fearful there. And he's lived there for longer then I did.

Regarding Jews leaving Malmö I've already answered that before.
Then you wrote they where "running away" and that's not true at all.
Now you write they're "leaving" and that is true that some are - but not for the reason you think.
Your figure of 5% needs to be backed up with a source as well - just so you know.

Meanwhile, here's an article where the leader of the Jewish community in Malmö says the things the far-right are claiming about Jews in Malmö is grossly exaggerated:

According to him Jews move in and out of his community in Malmö regularly just like everywhere else and for reasons like everyone else - to go to school, because they found job elsewhere and so on.
The threat of antisemitism is always part of those considerations for every Jew, since antisemitic sentiments is something you find everywhere as a Jew.
But the far-rights claim that Jews have to flee Malmö as refugees from antisemitism is a gross exaggeration, according to him.

"But I guess me and my connections to gay muslims or a holocaust survivor are wrong, Sweden is perfectly fine and nothing changed for the worst due to islam at all"

Yes, your "connections to gay Muslims" (what ever that even means?) doesn't mean shit - that's correct.
And an individual Jewish holocaust survivor being interviewed and expressing her personal feelings don't say more about the situation of the Jewish community in Malmö then it's leaders written statement - no.

Because what ever you may personally believe both the HBQT- and the Jewish community in Sweden refuses to play along with your rampant Islamophobia
None of those communities wants to targets Muslims as a group, because they don't feel Muslims as a group are a threat to them.
Individual Muslims may be and if so they of course want the police to handle those incidents like any others, but they don't feel that all Muslims or the Muslim community at large is a threat to them, no.

You've already claimed the HBQT-community doesn't give a shit about it's own members - will you now tell me the Jewish community's leader also doesn't give a shit about it's members?

Is everyone in the world who doesn't fear Muslims as much as you lying? Are you the only one who gets to speak for every member of the HBQT- and Jewish community now?

No, I've never said Sweden was perfect - we have problem just as any other society. But the problems we do have doesn't come especially from the Muslims amongst us. If individual Muslims do illegal things we handle that in accordance with Swedish law, just like for everyone else. But claiming that all or most or whatever argument you want to make about Muslims are somehow jointly responsible for problems in our society is simply nonsense.
People are individuals and a democratic society treats them as such - it doesn't lump them together and pretend they're all the same just because they happen to share some arbitrarily chosen characteristic.