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Living Hell 27 2, 9:41am

You're grasping at straws and it's not ever clear what your trying to prove now?

The first step is to admit that the rise in grenade incidents is tied to the unsustainable immigration into Sweden. The second step would be to clarify the statistics on which groups of people are more connected to the grenade incidents. The same approach can be used towards other types of crimes.

[Just like the majority of criminals in Sweden or Estonia who are clearly Christian since that's the major religion in both countries they're not really representative of either that religion or that country - since they are criminals.]

Well, actually, in Estonia most of the crime is done by orthodox christians.
And the second most frequent religion among criminals is likely to be atheists. Or vice versa.
Lutheran criminals are at 3rd place at best.
So guess what, the orthodox christianity DOES represent the background of the criminals - that non-native to Estonia.

[Do you really believe criminals in 2017 would carry around old rusted artillery shells they dug up from the ground and throw them at each another?]

No, I mentioned that to show that besides the black market of contemporary grenades, one could actually mine grenades in the countryside with metal detectors. Sweden also didn't have any soviet occupation, thus no grenade leftovers from any soviet troops. Despite all of that, Sweden beats Estonia in grenade incidents per capita, and most of the grenade incidents of Estonia are with the world war era items.

[Different gangs also went to war over who would control what part of the criminal world in Sweden and they, amongst other weapons, used grenades - which we hadn't seen in Sweden before - against each other.

But this was years before we had the large Muslim immigration we've had since and these criminals where mostly Swedish born.]

Sweden started to get a lot of muslims since the early 1990s. And Swedish born does not say much about 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant background.

Crimes is the first occupation where immigrants usually assert their dominance over the natives. Similar pattern has happened almost everywhere. It has something to do with strategy propagation, as with the iterative prioner's dilemma games, but you probably do not know what I am talking about. They do not just dominate, their strategy dominates and that dominating strategy will become more frequent. Unless another better strategy can check it.

[Even if a criminal happen to be Muslim he's not using violence against another criminal because he's Muslim, but because he's a criminal.]

Muslims have a bit different strategies. One can learn that from Russia: the chechen and aseri and tatar gangs. It is certainly possible co check it, by being even more brutal.