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Living Hell 27 2, 11:39am


I'm not sure if you wrote this while drunk or what happened, but I can hardly make out what you've written?

The first bit I do think I can make out and yes, it's OK to think anything - there are no "thought crimes" in Sweden - and nowhere else in the world as far as I know.
That concept is from the book "1984" by George Orwell that describes a dystopian society where the state controls it's citizens completely and has criminalized even certain thought.

That is not something any sane person would like to see in a society.

Thoughts don't actually "lead" to anything - every one of us have thought things that we didn't actually do.
So thought's or opinions are fine - it's only if people actually express these opinions in a way that impact negatively on others it can be a crime.

And as I've also said before - engaging in homophobic hate speech is just as illegal as it is to engage in Islamophobic hate speech. Both these things are covered by the exact same law in Sweden.

So you can think what you want and you can express your opinion to a point - but if you cross the line from expressing your opinion to what is considered hate speech, then you brake the law.

For instance you get to say you don't like Muslims and a Muslim gets to say he doesn't like gays. But neither of you gets to say the other should be harmed for being Muslim or gay - that would be hate speech.

But this sentence I can't make out:

"Having to see aomeone make homophobia acctotabke is one of the most disgusting things I've had to see in a ling time "

I simply don't understand what you've written there so you'll have to try again.