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Volcano 1 3, 4:12am

Yeah I remember that. I was on holiday in Turkey and was forced to stay down there. Now at first it doesn't sound that bad but keep in mind we had only brought clothes and money for a week so we were in a slight predicament. Because of this the hotel we stayed at upgraded us to full boarding since no new customers were coming and they were getting refunds from the travelling agencies. So we had food and water but no clean clothes or money. After a few phone calls by my dad to his boss they helped us out somewhat because he could do some of the work from the hotel. My own boss made jokes about it but he had figured as much after he saw the news. First call I made his response was "Well you had swimming in school right? So I'll see you tomorrow" Reeeeeally funny -_-'
We couldn't get home until a week after we originally was supposed to. C'est la vie