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Living Hell 1 3, 4:50am

@v0ider And Christianity is, inherently, any less evil? Have you ever taken the time to even skim through some of the horrific nonsense that comes out of the Old Testament? And yet, only few of those original rules are adhered to or even known about by Modern Christians. Why? Because we no longer live in the ancient world, and things that were once morally right have become morally wrong. They are written, but ignored.

The same can easily be said of Islam, Judaism, and any of the other religions to emerge in that same time frame. They were born into an era when killing anyone, for any reason (especially a different belief), was as common a crime as petty theft is today. Now that we live in an infinitely more peaceful world, we as a species have mostly left behind the "old ways" of our collective beliefs in order to behave, well, humanely.

To judge Islam as evil by a set of rules written in the 7th Century, is the same concept as judging Italians to be xenophobic due to the actions of Rome. It's a stretch.