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Living Hell 1 3, 5:48am


Again, 'Following the teachings of a religion' is a very vague term. Do you mean a literal interpretation of the text, taken at face value with no consideration for deeper meaning? Complete disregard for the literal meaning of the text, viewing it as a metaphor to teach moral lessons? Somewhere in-between, and if so, where in-between?

Also, you seem to be under the impression that, with regards to border policy, there are only 2 options: let everyone in, or impose sweeping bans. The current policy regarding refugees and immigrants is already a pretty long and arduous process, specifically to weed out potentially violent or otherwise malicious people. Did you know it can take over 2 years to be admitted as a refugee in the US? Did you know that it's extremely difficult to even get a student visa to study in the US? Even if you have already been studying here for a few years and just want to finish your degree? And that's one of the easiest visas to get.

You CAN know if you'll let in a violent killer, and the people in charge of determining who can come into the US are pretty good at figuring that out already.