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Living Hell 2 3, 4:31am

I have a feeling that your talk did not assure the Swedish neighbours: danes, norwegians, finns, estonians.

You see, all the Swedish neighbours have had similar conditions and similar societal makeup.
First of all, there was slavery.
Secondly, Swedes used to be war-friendly.
Thirdly, every king tried to install hereditary power.
Fourth, according to scandinavian sagas, there was trust, but that trust by the natives was violated and used to advantage by the newcomers.
Fifth, lands occupied by Sweden were treated differently (Denmark one way, Finland another way, Kvenland and Lapland another way, Livonia and Estonia another way).

[That is, the cultural Swedish response to foreigners is always based on the individual - not the group.]
While that worked with low immigration rates, it does not work any more with high immigration rates.

[It's been vital for Sweden to not let prejudices get the better of us and close ourselves of to foreign influences and immigration, so we've learned it's in our own best interest to not judge people without giving them a fair chance.]
Yeah, right. Like the forced swedish language as the only state language in Sweden (including Kvenland, Lapland, Finland, Estonia).
And the few exceptions were made to the Baltic german overlords.

[Which brings us to the most un-Swedish thing in Sweden - the far-right neo-fascist.]
Label and be labeled.
Tag and be tagged.

[Who while they constantly claim to talk for every other Swede in fact couldn't be more un-Swedish if they tried.]
Here you are actually describing your own position - that of speaking for all swedes and of speaking bad of 'the others'.

[When in fact most Swedes simply think and act in a millennia old Swedish cultural tradition and find the far-right neo-fascists a much bigger problem as a group then they find immigrants.]
Which tradition?
I don't see a continuity of swedification of samis and finns in Sweden to how you treat the new immigrants.

[Becuase sure - of course there are immigrant who are bad and no one likes that. But ALL immigrants are clearly not.]
The problem with that is that you would have to accept them all - the whole distribution, with both the horn and the tails.
Doing away with the horn and the tail would mean (racial) profiling and the use of hard power to enforce that profiling. Not doing it would change the distribution of the Swedes themselves - change for the worse. Because the speed of assimilation depends on the ratio of natives against the ratio of non-natives.