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Living Hell 2 3, 7:53am


"If being right wing is the most un-Swedish thing there is, then why is the second most popular party in Sweden a right wing party? "

It's actually not the second largest - it's the third largest. The far-right always claim opinion polls as proof of support but actual votes in the general election is the only thing that counts of course.
And I said far-right neo-fascist, because that's what they are. We have right-wing parties in our parliament and they, like everyone else want nothing to do with the fascists.
And as I said in my comment above - the far-right neo-fascists have been very successful in presenting themselves as much more moderate then they actually are. Only the future can tell how far that act will go.

The majority of your sources are a joke - RT is Putins state owned propaganda network and Infowars is an infamous conspiracy site with a clearly mentally challenged individual leading it. I wouldn't click those link if you paid me - I don't support fake news.

The article from the Independant describes what Swedish police are forced to do to protect Swedish citizens from hate crimes from the far-right.
Since the far-right neo-fascists are only interested in stories that reinforce their racist agenda they use every single mention of every single crime committed by anyone they perceive as foreign as propaganda.
Any crimes committed by white Swedes are of course completely uninteresting - unless they can connect them to an political opponent.
Since the police authorities don't want to be used as justification for hate crimes they have to think about what they publish as the far-right hate sites will of course never report fairly on crime.
If there is an actual need to publish these kind of details they still do - but usually there is no such need.
It only end up being used for incitement to hate crimes against totally innocent immigrants by the far-right who constantly tries to smear ever single immigrant as suspect and a probable criminal.

But they aren't of course. Just like people born in Sweden, the majority of immigrants don't commit any crime. Their far more likely to be victims of crime then anything else and especially with far-right hate rhetoric on the rise.

I won't even bother with the "rape capitol" and "no-go zones" nonsense - that's been debunked so many times and I've even debunked it here in this comment section myself. Do try to keep up.