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Living Hell 2 3, 2:46pm


"Now, knowing this, foreigners in general and Americans in particular may understand better why Swedish people are less positive about Trump then any other nation in the world - even if most nations has a negative view of him."

That's pretty-damn negative. I was planning on making a sly and not-really clever reference to Beowulf and the historic antipathy between Sweden and Denmark, but I don't want to do that any more.

"We know that you can't reliably judge people based on which group they belong to, but you must let them prove themselves individually.
And for them to do that you must give them the chance to do that.
"If they fail they fail and if they pass they pass, but until they do either of those things most Swedes will not make a judgement on another human being."

You know, in my experience, Americans who say that don't really mean it. Although we do pay at least some lip service to it.

O.K., keep it up. I don't know if you care about my approval or not, but you've got it.