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Living Hell 2 3, 11:09pm


"That's pretty-damn negative."

Yes, the Swedish public opinion is almost universally negative to Trump. The only ones who like him are our far-right neo-fascist - and that's of course only because they approve of his racist attacks against Mexicans and Muslims.
And not even all of their voters actually support Trump either.
Trumps support in Sweden was before the election somewhere between 6 and 9% - and the Sweden Democrats, our neo-fascists, got just shy of 13% of the vote in our last general election.
Sweden Democratic voters also still described Trump as "untrustworthy" in polls - they just don't care that he is, since they believe lies are OK to further their greater goal and that his lies won't impact them personally negatively.
Since then Trumps figures have most likely only gotten worse of course, the more people hear of him - but I'm not aware of any opinion polls done in Sweden on Trump since.

"You know, in my experience, Americans who say that don't really mean it. Although we do pay at least some lip service to it."

I know - it's always very tempting to believe you're less prejudiced then you actually are - of course.
But I would just point out that Sweden actually has a pretty good track record on this.
Not only, as I mentioned above, did the actual Nazis in the 30's find it almost impossible to attract voters in Sweden - never even breaking 1% of the popular vote. But also since then Sweden has taken in larger numbers of refugees per capita for centuries now then any other nation in Europe and of course the US. And there have been very little popular opposition to this. The majority of Swedes simply hasn't shown very much racist sentiment before - and they still don't today. As I also noted above, polling instead shows that they're consistently more worried about the rise in racism and the neo-fascists then they are about immigration to Sweden.

The Sweden Democrats, our percent day neo-fascists, are the first racist party to ever attract much support and that rise is very much fuelled by the invention of the Internet that lets these people spread their propaganda very effectively.
There are a large number of Swedish language far-right hate sites that propagate SD's propaganda and their activists are very active online. They have for years now swamped any comment sections of practically every Swedish website - regardless of subject - with constant whining about how Sweden is being "destroyed" by immigration.
And since a few years back those groups are of course also supported by the Russian propaganda sites that works to spread misinformation and disent in the entire western world.

Also it's of course a sad fact that people forget their own history. If you look across the entire world, the far-right is gaining strength again as the younger generations today don't actually understands the danger they pose to everyone.
They've hung up the uniforms and they package their fascism in a more appealing way to a modern audience, but underneath that polished facade it's the same old ideology as in the 30's. But many people today can't or chose not to see behind that polished facade.