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Icelanders suffer from Small Nation Complex. Meaning they kn 2 3, 11:22pm

@Tjalve Bergen? Bergen is already a semi-independent state in Norway nowadays. According to the Bergen people, at least... So why not Trondheim? Back to the days of Saint Olav! :) Or perhaps it will become one of those typical Norwegian 'forced decentralization and give the countryside something to do' initiatives and Hell, near Trondheim, would be made the new one. Now that would be something.

I'm not sure if a 'Great Norway' would work. For one, the attitude towards Denmark would be a cultural point of tension. Where Icelanders aren't too fond of them, Norwegians just love them: it's good to be Norwegian in Denmark, right? And of course the true identity of Leif(ur) Ericsson. And how to treat pineapples and pizzas. The list of issues is just too long.

But then again, I think it's more likely that Faeroe Islands and Greenland will head for independence one day, rather sooner than later. In 1900 there were less than 1/3rd of the amount of independent nations compared to today, so declaring independence surely is a big thing nowadays. :)