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Living Hell 2 3, 11:30pm

Jesus explicitly states that he is Not there to change so much as a word of the law, so to claim that Anything altered that is denying Christ, and separately... reread those sections you stated it is nothing to do with no longer having to follow the law in action but about the law being written into the heart and mind, in other words removing the desire to even Break those laws... at -best- it is an early reference to the world post-revelations, otherwise it is simply not supported by Anything else in the bible and merely used as one of the "excuses for why we ignore most of the bible but claim to keep it holy"

But regardless, getting back on topic... This does Nothing to diminish the obvious root hypocrisy of claiming that Islam is inherently violent and murderous while not calling out Christianity and Judaism for the exact same thing because of what is in their books goes beyond killing the 'infidel' but to kill entire cities on account of a single 'infidel'.

So you can either accept that all these religions have changed and learn to be tolerant, or you can be a hypocrite (that which Jesus found the most offensive) and continue to rail on them for your lack of understanding.