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Living Hell 3 3, 1:27am


Good grief, a white American man in Montana got no prison time for raping his 12-year-old daughter (Oct 2016).
A du Pont family heir in Delaware got no prison time for raping his 3-year-old daughter (March 2014)
A white Iowa teen got no prison time for raping a 2-year-old girl (April 2013)

Just water under the bridge, right?

Add to these young college men suffering from "affluenza" like Brock Turner, Austin Wilkerson, and John R.K. Howard who receive disgustingly light sentencing, are acquitted of rape, or never prosecuted because the victim was so traumatized that she or he (Howard kicked a coat hanger into the rectum of a mentally disabled black boy) makes mistakes in her recollection on the stand under intense grilling by defense attorneys. It's less safe to be a woman (or a mentally disabled black boy) in all respects in America than it is in Sweden.

v0ider, you are just a sad troll. Why do you even hang out on this site if you're so critical of Sweden? SATW won't confirm "pit of hell" assumptions you have about Scandinavia. Do you even live in Sweden? You are grievously ill-informed, particularly about Islam and the Muslim population, and you think your conviction compensates for your lack of knowledge. It doesn't. Most of us see through it.