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Living Hell 3 3, 4:12am


The Sweden Democrats was founded by neo-Nazis in the 80's and spent their first decade marching around in uniforms.
They had old men who actually volunteered for the SS during WWII come to their meetings and wax lyrically about the "good old days" to the new generation.

Here's a member holding a speech at a meeting in 1996, to give everybody an idea of how it looked:

At the same meeting they also burned books about the Holocaust and by survivors from it.

The party eventually tried to clean up it's act and banned members from wearing uniforms, but members kept wearing them for years after.
So the old guard had to step in to try to talk some sense to the younger generation.

In 1998 SS-veteran Ingemar Somberg who fought for Nazi-Germany on the eastern front during WWII in SS Divisions Wiking and Nordland wrote this piece of advice in one of their publications:

"It's not like in the 30's (...) Remember that the Nazi-symbolics from then is no longer palatable and also punishable by law (...) My hopes for 1999 is that we can all gather under a coherent leadership and behind a more then one-legged party platform. Let us come up with a thousand-foot platform where xenophobia and white power isn't the only important thing, but widen the argument to other areas as well. To you young folks I would firmly plead: put away the uniform and the beer cans and stop bawling about the slaughter of Jews. If you have to march - do it in step. You're not proving the superiority of the white race by walking like a flock of sheep."

Those old Nazis have all past on by now and the Sweden Democrats instead tries to present itself as the most Israel-friendly party in Sweden today.
But the Swedish Jewish community don't want anything to do with them and regularly boycott any event that SD will attend.
Because what ever SD claims about themselves today - the antisemitism just keeps seeping out of the party.

Here's one of their members listed as a candidate for local political office in the last election. After the picture leaked she was forced to resign her place on the party's list - but she was allowed to remain a member of the party:

Numerous other party members elected to local office have been forced to resign by the party leadership for spouting antisemitic, racist or other hateful rhetoric.
But it's not only on the lower levels of the party it keeps happening - several of their members of parliament have also expressed antisemitic views.

One claimed that Jews can't also be Swedes but have to chose their allegiance.
Another was caught on videos laughing his ass of drunkedly telling a "funny" story about how some neo-Nazi work mates of his at a slaughterhouse he used to work in kicked the dead carcasses of sheep while calling them Jews and making the Nazi-salute.
Another introduced a bill in parliament with the aim of reducing the influence of Jews in the media.

Of those three individuals only the last one was forced out of the party - the other two the party offered excuses for and protected.
There is literally too many instances of antisemitic and racist things being said and done by the party's elected representatives on the local and national level for me to be able to list them all here so I've only chosen a few "highlight".

Just one last thing:
The party's very platform is also still today deeply racist.

In it, humans are said to carry an "inherited essence" that are unique between "certain groups of people".
The German Nazis claimed it was in the blood - SD today claim it's in this "essence".
But it's of course just the exact same biological racism.

So yeah - the Sweden Democrats are certainly a neo-fascist party deeply steeped in antisemitic and racist beliefs.
There is absolutely no doubt about that.