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Living Hell 3 3, 6:59am

@Nisse_Hult before you go, there were a few things that I want to say. first off, the BBC article did in fact talk about the migrant crisis(I do read these you know.) It says that Sweden was struggling to deal with these migrants, the government was accused of covering up rape cases, and popularity for the government was tanking. the RT news articles had VIDEO PROOF of the chaos in Rinkeby along with videos from a reporter who is, to my knowledge, unaffiliated with RT, being escorted out of rinkeby by the police. along with that, you completely lied about the article by the independent, which reported that the police is no longer allowed to describe criminals so they don't sound racist, and never once mentioned any skinhead groups. along with that, you never actually said any of the information in my first set of links was false, which makes me wonder if you were lying by omission. How am I a racist for thinking that the massive waves of migrants from countries where they beat Christians, beat women not wearing hijabs(for the most part), and throw gays off of buildings might not exactly gel with Sweden's "Super progressive hate-free society" aesthetic. and on a last note, I have refrained from name calling throughout this whole argument, whilst you have been very quick to call me a racist and an idiot and a "Far-right neo-fascist,"(despite the fact that fascism's tenets line up much more closely with the socialist left,) and I find that very close-minded of you. You have no idea who I am, what I look like, where I live, or anything about me, yet because I think that there has been a lot of unrest and crime in sweden since they started taking in large amounts of immigrants who think nothing like swedes.
As a final farewell, I leave you with one, final, article:
Goodbye sir, I hope you live your life well and without catastrophe.