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Living Hell 3 3, 7:57am


Yes that's a problem and that also something every other party in Sweden has been discussing for some time.
The problem is that what you call "the problem with immigration" is a faulty description of the very issue to begin with.

SD has always claimed and will always claim there's a massive problem with immigration - but no other party in Sweden has shared that view of the issue. Instead they have seen immigration as benefiting Sweden and they have offered a lot of argument as to why they feel that way.

Against that SD have offered a lot of claims they can't prove and that statistics and researchers working with these issues don't support.

A lot of this comes from the fact that SD always SCREAMS in these issues. They don't actually just say there are problems with something - they say the NATION IS BEING DESTROYED and things like that. Their rhetoric is just completely exaggerated.

They do this to gain votes by scaring people. Saying something is a problem isn't going to get as much attention as IT'S A DISASTER!
That's also why tabloid headlines look the way they do.
THE SNACKS THAT GIVE YOU CANCER!! sells a lot more newspapers then "New study shows this might not be so good for you"

So every other party has pushed back and said that SD's description of the question doesn't describe the reality, but is exaggerated and extreme.

Which SD answers by saying there is a huge conspiracy by every other party in Sweden, the entire scientific community and all of the media to discredit their totally fair description of the reality that SWEDEN IS DYING and everyone in that massive conspiracy want it too, because they all hate their own country.

You see the problem here?

The disconnect between what SD says and what they can actually prove is so large it doesn't seem to matter what the other parties do - people who chose to believe SD buys into that conspiracy theory and won't accept any information that doesn't fit in that narrative.

It will be interesting to see what happens in next years election (if Trump hasn't killed us all in WWIII by then, that is).
Because SD have built it's entire world view on this massive conspiracy including every other party - and now every other party in fact, since the year before last, support a much stricter stance on refugees then they did before.

Now if SD's claimed conspiracy had been real and every other party was part of it had wanted to destroy Sweden by immigration they of course wouldn't have restricted the inflow of refugees - but they did.

Maybe that and other facts will make some previous SD voters realise that SD description isn't actually the truth but just propaganda.