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Suit up...WITH GUNS 4 3, 1:21am

@Grahor Damn, reading your comment never made me facepalm this hard. It is riddled with personal opinions.

Torn from their lives? They're not sent away forever to a death camp, and a year is a very short period of time in a human life. Also, There are other countries that does mandatory conscription (such as So. Korea) and they seem to be fine with it. Then there is the ad hominem with "... easy to see the benefits where it's not YOU ..." benefits are benefits, and you have not mention any objective downside.

"surrendering of decision-making" "The consequences for the mentality" can you specify? I could not see where you are going with this. Going through military training is not the same as being a soldier. Its about teaching the idea of what to do in case of emergency.

Who might invade Sweden? The whole point of having a military is to prepare in case of attack by anyone, from within and outside by whoever, and such the answer to your question is Whoever.