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Suit up...WITH GUNS 4 3, 1:24am

@Grahor The majority (even in Sweden) support conscription and I doubt that most of those who would be conscripted are opposed either.
That's of course based on my own experiences as a Finn, we do have conscription and not everybody likes it but the vast majority are okay with fulfilling that kind of duty.
It's a sort of repayment for what we owe our ancestors who defended and built what we have. It wasn't free and it won't be free for future generations either. We owe it to our past, present and our future.

If you're some idealist peace hippie who believes humanity can co-exist peacefully, fine.
We don't build armies to fight, but so that we don't have to. It's a detriment. If the cost of attacking you is too high then they're more unlikely to attack in the first place and use diplomatic means instead.

Not sure what kind of army training you've experienced if you believe that's what it's like. This isn't the 19th century.
There's a lot of physical training, but the vast majority in conscript training is practical. How to use your weapon, marksmanship, camouflage, surviving in the extreme conditions of our climate etc.
Unity? Emotional training? Discipline?
Bullshit, initiative and quick thinking are encouraged. Today's battlefield is fast paced and mobile. Not some kind of musketeer formations marching in rows to the drumbeat.