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Living Hell 4 3, 2:50am

@Nisse_Hult "The Finns were part of Sweden for centuries and they where not mistreated in any systemic way at all. They weren't treated any differently since Finland didn't exist - they where just Swedes from the eastern part of the country.
And ever since they where conquered by Russia in 1809 and throughout their subsequent independent history Sweden and Finland have had nothing but good relations and apart from possibly the far-right party in Finland I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Finn that thinks that Sweden has ever treated them wrongly."

What the actual duck? You forced your religion on to us, slaughtered our elders to wipe our heritage and identity away, used our land, forced us to fight your wars, made us to communicate with you in your non-relevant language, keeping every single position that mattered to yourselves. We were better off under the Russian rule in any meters measured, all until the communism started it's rise in Russia.

Past is past, but don't you ever dare to color our history with your baby blue and pink Swedish lies.