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Living Hell 4 3, 3:45am

[Race biology never was science, it just pretended to be such...]
You are confusing discrete math with other types of math, like fuzzy math.

That race is not discrete does not mean that it does not exist. Races do exist.
But each race is a mix of older races, which are a mix of older races. Nevertheless, there are properties of races that do persist (and I do not consider skull measurements here).
If you can't graps that then you really haven't grasped how biology works at the scale of populations and individuals.

[I had history studies concerning the influence of this delusion in the building next to where it was invented.]
Svante Pääbo can explain it to you how races can be modeled from genetical components (such as WHG + ANE + EEF, etc.)

But my prior comment also touched cultural properties, besides biological properties.
Regardless of the type of properties, a distinct pubpopulation can be characterised by a distinct subset of properties. If there is no such distinct subset of properties, then that subpopulation is not a distinct subpopulation.

Political correctness is in the business of denying some such distinctiveness. Which leads us to cultural marxism.