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Living Hell 4 3, 4:11am


OK, so you're one of the supporters of the far-right, hyper-Nationalist party in Finland then. I guess you'll deny that now but the fact remains that what you're claiming here is not only mostly historically incorrect, but also not what Finland as a nation or most Finns feels about Sweden.

I actually asked a Finnish work mate of mine about this.
He's 62 now, his father fought in the war, he comes from the east of Finland which he visits regularly as his mother is still alive.
The only Swedish word he knew before he came to Sweden in the early 80's was "Hej" (that's "Hallo" to the non-Swedish speakers reading this).
He says he's never been met with any prejudice in Sweden at all and that he's never seen or heard any animosity in Finland towards Sweden his entire life.
Except when Finland meets Sweden in hockey of course, or if there's another sports competition. Then there is a friendly neighbor rivalry where you like your own nation to win - but that's all.

Your description of the historical relationship between Sweden and Finland is not a correct representation. If it where Finns in general would of course hold a much more negative picture of Sweden then they actually do - but they don't.
With, as I said, the possible exception of your far-right party, hyper-Nationalist party that resent the fact that Swedish is being taught in Finnish schools and so on.