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Living Hell 4 3, 7:14pm

@Nisse_Hult Ahahahaha. Far right, sure. Saw that one coming miles away. Nice how you are judging and labeling people not knowing anything about them.

You are trying to tell here that Sweden always was this cool and tolerant kingdom, which was not the case. Ever heard that the winners write the history? We as a nation suck Sweden's cock for what ever reason, maybe it is a Stockholm syndrome or something, that's why there is rarely anything negative taught or said about Sweden in Finland. Except yeah, ice hockey and the fact we made so many gay jokes about Sweden it is not funny anymore.

Granted, could've been worse, but you are still trying to claim that black is pink. Compare it to the same hatred we feel for USSR and therefor Russia. Russia treated us better during the 1800-1900 but it kinda is buried under the fact that they attacked us in 1939.

Yes, I visit Sweden almost every year too and never had any problems there either. That was not my point and that is not the thing I am here arguing about. I am arguing your naive world view and "Sweden did nothing wrong"-attitude. But I do see it is futile. Take care man.