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Suit up...WITH GUNS 4 3, 8:31pm


Most of our problem solving involves mass upheavals and violence. One resulted in a particularly vicious war, even. America is fantastic at beating people up, after all, it's basically the primary thing we're good at. Small chance, of course, but this might just tear the US apart.

Then we'll have all the sensible states, in the northeast and west coast mainly, join Canada. United States of Canada is born. The rest split off and become Jesusland, and implement biblical law as interpreted by fundamentalist evangelical christians. No-homo!

Texas might run off and do its own thing though. Maaaaaybe take Arizona with it, probably conquer New Mexico between them. They're similarly bonkers. Democratic Peoples Republic of Texas. The Bush family can provide the first Dear Leader.

....I like satire. And gallows humor.