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Suit up...WITH GUNS 4 3, 8:52pm

@Grahor Counterpoint using your same awful fallacy: It's easy to see the benefits of 40-60 doing the conscript when it's not you who are going to sacrifice that year! Assuming you ignore the points I made, to which you had no valid comeback... Conscription isn't gonna take every 20 year old kid every year. If anything, for all practical purposes, only the volunteers will be selected due to capacity limitations.

The training you speak of seems like something you saw from a movie or using fanatics as reference. That's not how the military work at all. Discipline is a good thing, as is unity. You really don't want unstable people who only think about themselves anywhere...

Step back 5 years, how likely was it that Russia would invade and annex Crimea? Not very likely. Are you able to reliably predict the geopolitical future years ahead? No, you're just rambling on... Are you really so naive as to believe no military is needed? Did you not have any lessons in history over the years?