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Living Hell 5 3, 6:27am

What the fuck does a Malaysian, Indonesian, U.S., Greek, English, Algerian, Turkish, or hell, even an every day Egyptian, Saudi or Syrian muslim have to do with a select few terrorists' twisted interpretation and application of a religion that every muslim scholar frowns at?

The muslims are 1,5 billion worldwide. If there so are 100000 actively supporting a crazy self-proclaimed state, that's less than 0,1 % of the totalt population, but you let them represent the mass that is the other 1,4999 billion.

Hell, only a couple 100s have in any major way affected western states through terrorist means. Western casualties in civilians, also counting 9/11, still can't break the 10000 barrier. For contrast, additionally, many more *muslims*, more than 10 times more, in fact, have died just at the hands of ISIS, in wars as well as countless terrorist attacks, many more than have been committed on western countries.

Separate peaceful believers from a fundamentalist bunch of disillusioned "radical islamists" (not very keen on using that phrase as no other muslim would admit them to be muslims), and try tackling the real issue instead of further demonizing muslims and giving ISIS a bigger recruitment base.