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Living Hell 5 3, 3:51pm

@Nisse_Hult First of all, I'm not against immigration, I'm against that the immigration is handled so badly. Maybe I didn't clarify that enough.

I'm also not an SD supporter and I absolutely don't fault you for thinking that I am. If there was a more left leaning party with a stricter policy around immigration, I would probably consider voting for them. Maybe.

"Blaming immigrants is - according to most economers - simply not going to solve this as they are in fact a benefit and not a drain on the system in many ways.
If you've ever been to a hospital or old peoples home or seen person assistants with disabled people out on the town and so it's often if not mostly immigrants doing those kind of basic care works today. "

Your mistake is that you imply that I blame the immigrants themselves. I don't. I blame the system responsible for the massive immigration going on. AFAIK, we take in as much as France and Germany, despite our population being around 9.5 million contra France's 66 million and Germany's 80 million.

"Well you don't have to worry about the wages dropping at least. In general terms wages have nothing with the state budget to do but are set by the unions and the market. The market needs workers and Swedish union rules make sure wages aren't undercut by people working for lower pay."

You seem to have misunderstood me. Imagine You want a job for a certain pay, another person has the same qualifications (in this case none, just to simplify it.) but he can go for lower pay. You will not get the job. Companies want to make as much money as they can, and more companies will try and do this. If this goes on, the average salaries will indeed go down. The Union doesn't have any rules or probably even a say against this.

"Before that and after that in the 80's and growing ever since we've had a lack of housing - and consecutive governments have done to little to address this.
Again I personally believe that the right-wing political parties ideological demands for privatization of publicly owned rented housing and conversion to individually owned apartments are a bit part of the problem.

Even the apartments we do produce today are so expensive that most people can't afford them because the private companies of course have no interest in keeping prices down - they of course want as much profit as they can!
Which is why the private market will NEVER solve the housing crisis as they want their to be a housing crisis, because that of course drives the prices up - increasing their own profit."

I know, and you're absolutely right. You're also right about the fact that we haven't built many apartment blocs for a long time.

That being said, when our immigration policies were as bad as ever, it was when we had a right-wing government. They may have had all of this in mind.

Sorry about big post.