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Still a long way 6 3, 3:26am

So recently, while visiting the U.S, this happened:
"Where do you come from?"
"I come from Africa"
"Ohh, why didn't you say so sooner"
At this point, I was already sick of it, so I got ready to leave when:
"So that 'Senegal' you're talking about (yes she put Senegal in quotations as if it didn't exist) it's a city in Africa right, since Africa is the biggest country in the world"
Too tired and annoyed to come up with an elaborate response to explain that Africa isn't a country I just answered yes to everything she said.
"Is it next to Egypt?"
"Oh, so it's next to Cairo"
"And the Mediterranean Ocean"
"How cool, you must be a surfer then"
If I can name every single one of your states, the only thing I ask for in return is for you not to think Africa is a country.

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