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Living Hell 6 3, 6:16am


"I'm talking about how the majority of rapists in Sweden are Muslims."

Yeah, that's not actually true in any way though and if you stopped to think just a minute about it you should be able to realize that.

Becuase Sweden has a very wide definition of rape, so we have very high numbers reported of it. But immigrants - counting both first and second generations - account for only about 10% of the population. Just counting Muslims your probably down to about 5 or 6% and if you subtract all the women, children and elderly men from that you're probably down to about 2 or 3% of the population.
Now if they would account for the majority of all rapes in Sweden, they would literally have time for nothing else then constant raping. Barely sleeping or eating - just rape. rape, rape all day long.

So no - that's not only virtually impossible - it's also not supported by Swedish crime statistics on the people who are actually caught and convicted for rape in Sweden.
The clear majority of those are of course NOT Muslim.