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Living Hell 7 3, 5:03pm

What you do not seem to grasp is that 'race' and 'biology' does not make 'race biology'. Race biology came to be when a few people in Uppsala during the 1800:s decided to "prove" that other human "races" were less intelligent. They measured the skulls of the sami people in the north and called this proof.
In fact, there is only one human race alive today. We are simply too geneticaly similar to be distingushed as diffrent races. Once there were others, such as the neanderthals, but today only Homo Sapiens remains.

"Regardless of the type of properties, a distinct pubpopulation can be characterised by a distinct subset of properties. If there is no such distinct subset of properties, then that subpopulation is not a distinct subpopulation."
Classic essentialist theory. The belief that culture and/or genology attriputes certain types to the individual. Modern scientists have replaced this theory with instrumental theory, as it works better.