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Suit up...WITH GUNS 10 3, 4:29am


"torn from their lives", really? First of all, only 13 000 out of 90 000+ boys and gals born 2000 will be called for a "medical exam", and out of those only 4 000 will be picked, and those who want to do it will be prioritized. Sure, some of those who get picked might be unwilling to serve, but I have already spoken to a few guys born 2000 (who don't want to serve, it seems to me like more than the needed 4% of us actually want to do this) who are going to either fake a depression or say that they have no patriotic feelings towards Sweden to make their already small chances even slimmer.

There are a lot of abilities (teamwork, being able to take /and maybe even giving) orders, etc.) which could help you in your civil life (writing those things on a resume won't hurt your chances) that you'd get better at while "sacrificing" a year in the military. I have no idea what you're referring to when you mentioned consequences. My dad served, most of my friends' dad served, most of their fathers served, and few of all of those were mentally scarred for life by it.

"Are you seriously expect anyone to invade Sweden?" Only if we join NATO but that's a discussion for another day. But the military does more than fighting our enemies. Forest fires, floodings, storms and whatever else nature might throw at us, you can always count on the military to help defend us from mother nature. (do I even have to mention that this usage will turn more common because of global warming, well, I have now)

I never thought that I'd be arguing for mandatory military service, but alas, I am here now.