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Language Barrier 10 3, 6:59pm

@GrumpyFrenchman I went to a tourist office in Ile d'Oleron asking them a question in English, and they looked at me in disgust telling me in French that they certainly did not speak English. At a freaking tourist office!!!
At the same place I had my surfboard stolen. Police found and withheld they guys who stole it around the corner, and we could identify our board so we could get it back. The police didn't know a single word of English, and the thieves had to translate for us. That was just bizarre.

I know quite a few French people and they are really lovely, like I bet you are as well :) But in general, French people in France are horrible towards tourists - not just in Paris :-(

Danes are equally rude, but at least we are equally rude towards everybody, not just tourists. It's just different things we are rude about ;-)