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Bye bye ambassador 11 3, 12:33am


This is overdue.
I'm sorry for jumping on you for expressing your beliefs. I disagree with much of it, but that's no different than many here.
While the content of my posts didn't raise to the level of "hitting", the tone did, and I apologize.
I fell victim to seeking affirmation from the community, and that is a side of me I don't want to ever see again.

While I still disagree with what you believe to be fact, I think we can discuss it with neither raised voices nor aspersions of character. Something that is apparently impossible with others within this board.

I came within an inch of quitting, because I thought one of the more abusive members was himself a moderator. Fortunately, I noticed he lacked that particular tag before committing to quitting. I'll give this place another chance.

One more thing. In another thread I told you you should tone down your use of 'thee', 'thou', and 'thine'. I stand by that. While it may look odd to you to use 'you' for all of those, to me, who only speaks English, it looks odd to see those particular pronouns outside of the King James Bible, or from the mouths of a singular religious sect, which, incidentally is insular, and would thus be unlikely to be found here.
When I first encountered it, I thought you were attempting to borrow the authority OF the KJV in stating your positions. I now understand that isn't so. Still, your use of these archaic modes of address stand between you and your audience. I'd recommend weaning yourself from them.