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Living Hell 11 3, 4:19am


But they aren't going unchallenged in Sweden - I've already explained that to you.

The same law that forbids hate speech against homosexuals forbids it against Jews or immigrant and a lot of other things.

And when homophobia does not rise to the level of actual hate speech, but is merely a prejudice it's challenged by the overwhelming majority of all Swedes - wherever it comes from.

But what you're pretending is that dangerous homophobia is more prevalent in the Muslim community at large and that that makes the Muslim community at large a danger to the HBQT community. But as I've stated the HBQT community don't believe that's the case themselves.

Your entitled to your opinion, but pretending that homophobic hate speech from Muslims is somehow accepted in Sweden like you first claimed is simply wrong.
And claiming that homophobic sentiments aren't challenged in the Swedish society, when it's coming from Muslims, is also wrong.

The far-right are trying to say these things to portray themselves as the defenders of the HBQT community (after having persecuted them for years themselves) - but no one but the far-right is buying any of that in Sweden. Because we know it's not true! OK?