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Bye bye ambassador 11 3, 4:27am

Ah. You said something inflammatory about transgenders.
I responded with a bulleted list, starting with my suspicion that your comment would probably be flagged, and you "warned" as a consequence, how it wasn't my place to interfere with others as it wasn't my life, my walk with God, etc. Implication being that it also wasn't your life, your walk with God, etc.

Basically, you said "this is wrong", and I replied with "but it's their life to live."

At no point did you say they shouldn't be allowed to do so, only that it was wrong for them to do so. I responded as if you were advocating for tough new legislation.

Yeah, one of the flaws of this system is you can only see so far back on your own posts. For more, you have to go to the thread it was posted in, and drill down.
Sometimes way down.