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Bye bye ambassador 11 3, 6:39am

'@SeanR' I didn't "warn" as a response, I pressed that bottom by accident.

And if thou refer to people with gender dysphoria, that is a form of insanity, in the spectrum of Body Dismorphic Disorders. I don't see how that can be considered inflammatory, but then again I am a very Vulcan like human with very little understanding for other peoples irrational emotions.

Now condemning an action and advocating for the illegality of it is two different things.
I am a minarchist and consider the only legitimate functions of a state to be the enforcement of legal contracts and to ensure the internal and external security of the nation, though a court system a police force and an army.
Regarding Gender dysphoria and illnesses in general, they are guarded by the Hippocratic oath, that in short says that doctors should strive to help and cure and never harm and kill.
One does not help insane individuals by placating their insanity. Just think of the harm it would do to agree with an anorexic that they need to lose weight.
I don’t know what causes the illness and which cures are possibly available, but creating complicated disguises and mutilating their bodies in order to allow them to impersonate the gender they are not, does not help them in any way; and as I also said quite clearly: Lying is malum in se, tantamount to physical violence.

I am not saying that we should punish people for dressing up in costumes, Halloween for instance is a fun and innocent Holyday where people dress up, but the core of that is not to deceive people, the same way the use of sarcasm and irony is not truly lies.
But transsexuals do wish to deceive people into thinking they are something they are not. While I have only heard about this from sitcoms, and there are other ethical problems with one night stands, having had sexual relation with another man while under the impression that it was a women is a form of trickery that is borderline to rape.
It is clearly immoral to impersonate the other gender like that, but to make it illegal we need a concrete victim.
Legally of course, an impersonator should never be recognized as that which he impersonates, so a transsexual man should of course never be allowed to compete in a women’s sport, as they were created exactly because women are weaker then men.
But beyond that there is of course also the question of tricking others to do things under false pretences. And that includes basically every interpersonal activity in which gender is an issue, and even when it is not, there is also the question of the name.

Our name is given at birth it cannot be changed, we do not name ourselves. We can give ourselves nicknames, but our True Name defines us, it holds power, and authorities needs it, as a nickname is only good enough for friends, not for anything of legal ramification.
As I said, one of the three legitimate functions of the state is the enforcement of legal contract, and a legal contract needs our True Name, not just our nickname.

In short, while a “normal” pervert such as a homophile can move comfortable inside the law, as it is only his moral character that is deviant, people in the transsexual spectrum inevitably breaks the natural law in their deceit of who they really are.

PS. I don’t think any of this was inflammatory, but it is properly provocative, because I speak Truths that few dares mention.